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KOOLBlue - Refrigerant oil additive

Synthetic polarized refrigerant oil additive that forms a thin boundary film on metal parts of cooling systems

How KOOLBlue works

KOOLBlue is a synthetic polarized refrigerant oil additive (PROA) that forms a thin boundary film on metal parts of cooling systems, and provides lubrication while protecting these parts from the type of friction that causes wear and degrades performance.

KOOLBlue features negatively charged molecules that attach to the metal surfaces inside a cooling system to block the deposit of dirt and carbon and prevent lubrication oils from building up, which can cause your system to operate less efficiently. It also helps to condition the surfaces it touches.

Over time, a one-molecule-thick layer of KOOLBlue forms in the system layer to make surfaces smoother, so refrigerant passes over them more easily. This helps create ideal conditions for thermal conductivity, which helps improve the efficiency of your cooling system. With KOOLBlue, your system can produce increased amounts of cooler air with the same amount of energy, and last much longer with less maintenance required.

Also, KOOLBlue includes a non-chlorine based cleaning agent that can help improve the function of older cooling units and keep new systems running at peak efficiency for years to come.

Get the most from your cooling system with KOOLBlue. This synthetic PROA additive enhances the operation and efficiency of your compressor and helps you save money on energy costs. Like all of our products, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll stay cool for years to come.

Refrigerant oil additive key features

Revolutionary formula synthetic PROA

Blended into the refrigerant oil reservoir or refrigerant flow

Works with most any refrigerant, including R-22, R-134a, R-407, and R-410a

Polarized to attach to metal surfaces

Increases lubricating capabilities of refrigerant oils

Does not void a manufacturer’s warranty

Installation must be done by an EPA-certified professional

Main benefits

  • Helps you achieve the same cooling, with less energy usage
  • Helps reduce the strain on your AC system, so your compressor lasts longer
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • Lowers cooling costs, so you save money

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